Thursday, 25 June 2015

Squat in Style

Hi there!
Head on over to my new blog Squat in Style where my latest posts are about perfectionism, protein world and more! Thank you for sticking with me and please let me know if there is any new content you desire :-)
Thank you,
Ellen xo

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New blog!

Hi everyone,

My apologies for my inactivity in what seems like forever... I have now set some time aside specifically for blogging and have decided to create a new blog Squat in style in order to cater for new found interests such as fitness whilst also maintaining (or reviving should I say) the fashion side of things.

Please take a look at my new blog, I hope you will find it informative and to your liking. Please bear with me whilst I get everything going. Fashion will however remain a main focus of my new blog as it was with this one.

If you have any suggestions of content please don't hesitate to let me know on my new blog.

Much love,
Ellen xo

Pour ceux qui sont intéresés je peux aussi traduire mes posts en francais. Laissez moi un commentaire si ca pourrait vous intéresser! Bisous x

Friday, 4 October 2013

My name in flashing lights

Hey guys,

Really on it this week! Anyway, hope you're all okay wherever you are and whatever you're doing!
Today i'm just doing a quick OOTD post because I feel like it and these photos have been hanging around for some time...
Anyway, this was a cute gift from my mum a couple of weeks back during Lipsy's sale and it's adorable! I love it to pieces and can't wear it somewhere...

So the monochrome playsuit (bang on trend by the way!) is from Lipsy, the black and silver high heels are New Look and the bag is Jane Norman. Oh and the earrings were a brand from Topshop and were a bargain- £3 reduced from £18, true story!
So it's a really simple going out outfit but I think it's really effective because of the monochrome and the splash of colour on my earrings! If I was actually going out in this outfit I would opt for a splash of colour on my lips and nails- probably red or maybe a deep purple?

Hope you like it :-),
love Ellen xox

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

London Fashion Weekend- goody bag

Hey :),

Ensuing the post from yesterday, I decided to do a quick post to talk about what I got at LFWend...
I bought my tickets with a promotion code from Elle who were a sponsor of the four day weekend... For a start, I love Elle magazine, if ever I can I will buy it, it's pure fashion bliss and most articles are nicely written and entertaining. Anyway, enough of that, the promotion code gave me a 25% discount off my tickets and two Maybelline gift boxes worth £30 each!
And here they are...

And that was my free 'Vodafone Red' nail polish for being their customer ;)

I have tested three of the nail polishes and they are both easy to apply and easy to remove- and what more could you want when they retail for £2.99??

Hope you have enjoyed the insight, ta ta for now,
Love Ellen xox

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

London Fashion Weekend- Trend catwalk

Hey guys!

Two weeks ago, my mum and I were lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend which goes on for four days after LFW. It was a great opportunity to spend some lovely quality girly time with my mum!
The little pop up shops were very cute but verrrrrry expensive, I wasn't expecting there to only be top end designer clothes, most of the clothes were reduced (by quite alot) however that's only useful if you have a couple of £100 lying around to start with... Which we didn't!
I was so excited as it was my first ever catwalk and it was magical! Talk about an atmosphere, my seat was pretty good, I got a good view of most things although my eyes were put before the camera... Therefore the shots aren't as amazing as they could have been!
All things considered, it was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone, definitely!
Before showing you the pictures, I would like to say how much respect I have for all the girls who, for a start freeze themselves during LFW, but also who brave high heels on those cobbles- my feet sure did hurt afterwards!

Anyway, here are the photos from the Trend Catwalk, comprising of the four main trends for A/W 13 styled by Pandora Lennard herself- pretty in pink, back to nature, shape up and victoriana!

Absolutely loved the whole thing, I hope you like looking through the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Love, Ellen xox