Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#2 Wednesday's dream wish list

Hiii :) I hope you're all ok :)
I have just got back from Paris (post on it coming soon :)).

So, this is the second wish list <3 I hope you like it ;)

Crafted grunge jumper- burgundy from I have the cropped version of this in black and it's my favouritejumper -ever! So come on little one and you might just become the new fave!!
 Okay, and this one: Crafted graduated dye jumper from Republic <333
Miso ginger cat hat
from Republic. No-one is allowed to get this, it's mine, MINE *hint hint mum while reading this ;)<3x*

Club l metallic jeans from Republic - they are cool.

Black PU studded shoes are to die for !! from <33333

So there you have it, my second wednesday wish list :)

Happy blogging, and stay tuned,
Ellen xxx

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