Monday, 27 August 2012

Do Winter, Spring, Summer but do not Fall

Hello everyone :)
Excuse the lack of posts- moving is very time consuming as will be the first week or so in a new place, plus back at school in just over a week...

The title is from a Jumper by Bensimon I saw the other week in Grazia, I absolutely love it - so cool, eh? (Just looked for it on Google and it's nowhere to be seen oh well).

Today's look is "to do" with the "do not fall" because of my shoes... 14cm heel including platform they are beautiful and considering they're Primark and that they're high are very comfortable...

scarf - claire's cat- woods ;)

belt/bow- primark

Dress- h&m

heels present :) primark
There we go :) Hope you all like it,
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Happy blogging and stay tuned :)xx

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