Thursday, 9 August 2012

In the garden

Hey everyone :)

Lovely weather where I am, how about you? Today it's 34degrees and I wish my pool's pump wasn't broken :(

I know this seems stupid, but at the moment I can't smile on camera..? Freaky face or what, every photo that's taken of me smiling at the moment, I have this real cheesy grin, eeek I hope this phase soon passes!!

Against any thoughts you may have while looking at this photo, I had not just got out of bed! ;)

Vest top- h&m 8€

Skirt- pull&bear 25€

Just to prove the whole duck face thing!!
Earrings from I don't know where ;) and the heels are from zara 40€ ( Loveable!!)

Taadaa, my wonderful lounging around in the garden outfit, but still easy to dress up.

What do you think? What do you wear when it's hot?

Happy blogging and stay tuned
Ellen xx

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