Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's a legging thing'

Hey hey :)
Another scheduled post, I'm just sooo busy, August is drawing slowly but surely to an end and tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend hehe, I hope I get to meet Tigger (I'm just a major fan!!)

Today I just want to express my love for leggings! Have you seen all the beautiful prints going around at the moment? I have got to get some!! GOT TO!!
[Am also looking for a decent pair of hidden heel high tops, have any of you cuties got a good pair at home? Where did you get them from?]

 From left to right: £10 from ;
£10 from;
£12 from;
£9 from;
£10 from

VoilĂ  :) my pick of 6 leggings.
What would you pair these wild leggings with? Which ones are your favourites?

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Happy blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xx

1 comment:

  1. Those are some very unique and stylish leggings. My girlfriend is obsessed with leggings and I will show her this post. She says they are so comfortable and can go with anything.