Friday, 24 August 2012

"Je suis une Parisienne"

Hello everyone,

So, as you all know I went to Disneyland on Monday and then went to visit Paris on Tuesday... On the monday I wore a white H&M shirt tucked into blue primark shorts with a belt and a little pair of sandals :) :
with "Jack Sparrow"
with Tigger ears :D
And now for the Disneyland, the prices, once inside, are unbelievable! By unbelievable, I mean that a balloon costs 7€50 (how long before it popped??), an ice-cream costs 4€ as does a pencil... And the headband that I am wearing in this picture 13€ (And no, I didn't buy it.). So there you go, you pay loads of money to get in, and you pay some more money once you're in there because, let's face it, who doesn't go somewhere without buying a souvenir??

Yes, believe it or not I did this and... it wasn't as scary as I thought! ;)

Day 2 in Paris- What is all the fuss about over the Eiffel tower?? It's just a load of metal in a pointy shape...  The best thing about Paris? The wonderful shops&restaurants, unfortunately I didn't get to visit any a)money & b)time we were racing around in a car...
Anyway here's my outfit: Miso dress from Republic, a little pair of sandals and an Oasis bag borrowed from my mum:
So there we go, Paris with my boyfriend and his family :)
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 Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xx

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