Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Join the dots!

Hi everyone :) I hope everything is going well for you ;)

I've had a rather busy week-end, and today I have been lounging around by the pool, in this lovely weather *holidays*
Today, my outfit is called Join the dots because... it's dots galore!!! See for yourself ;)
peter pan collar t-shirt - next gift

jeans- primark £10!!!

Shoes - primark £10

Eek cheesy face!
I LOVE these shoes, I wear them with anything and everything, they are my 3rd pair of heels from primark and I have to say- nothing to complain about! Okay, they don't last forever, but quality/price they are BRILLIANT !!

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Happy blogging and stay tuned,

Ellen xx


  1. Coucou tout le monde :)
    J'ai eu un week end assez mouvementé :) et aujourd'hui relax à côté de la piscine par ce magnifique temps :) *les vacances*
    J'adore ces chaussures!! Si vous avez la chance d'aller faire du shopping en Angleterre n'hésitez pas à acheter vos chaussures chez Primark, ils ne dureront pas forcément longtemps mais rapport qualité/prix... Excellent!!
    N'hésitez pas à me suivre et à aimer ce look sur lookbook (à gauche)
    Bisous et à bientôt !
    Ellen x

  2. Cute outfit! Love those wedges!