Thursday, 27 September 2012

Black to normal

Hey :)
I have this weird feeling that I am mainly getting pink things at the moment?? Now that is bizarre, I don't really like pink, lime is my favourite colour but maybe this is a changing point.


 Last photo: just for the hell of it!

The quality of the photos is pretty bad, it was getting dark :/ I had left it to late, yet again, to take pictures but today I was determined not to let that get to me ;)

Shoes (the same ones as the other day (New Look, £20))
Skinny trousers - Zara FR (sorry have forgotten the price)
Coral shirt - Forever21 (price??? boo this is bad..! But i think £10)
Jonathan Aston black pop socks with coral lace band - River Island £4.90

Do you like wearing socks that show? Do you have a favourite colour (clothes wise or not)?

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

#7 Wednesday's dream wish list

7 already?? Wow!
Haha it seems like I have only been doing it for 2weeks!

Not much to say at this exact moment in time: Apart from, here is the list:

First of all, this Tiger Tote bag from Zara. After the rage of the tan coloured one, they have come out with this new patter and... isn't it lovely? Bold, brassy print (tiger isn't used that often in fashion really, leopard? yes zebra? yes tiger? no. This is the time for a Revolution, a fashion one, bring on the tiger print!) Sorry for the blabbering...
Tote bag from Zara

Parkas, anyone, everyone, whenever. The coat to have (along with a denim jacket, a leather one, a duffle coat and a trench, wow rather alot...)
This one is from River Island. It's faux fur lined. It's warm. It's big. It's perfect.
Here is the link if you're feeling drawn to it: Parka from River Island

3) Also available in black... I hear the logical part of you saying "but what about if it rains?" Well tough! You'll get wet feet... Deep red cross strap wedges from New Look

4) Such a cute print! Also available in a dress and a skirt, love'em love'em love'em!!
 Skinny jeans- Motel Rocks
Mini dress- Motel Rocks
 Mini skirt - Motel Rocks

5) You're supposed to find a dress for the event but in this case, it makes you want to buy the dress and then wonder where you'll wear it? Maybe even just dress up in it!
Lipsy sequin bust maxi dress

There we go :) This week's WDWL! Next week, I have decided will be completely dedicated to evening and party dresses aaaaah!

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxxx

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hey everyone :) Hope you're all enjoying the "not so good" weather... Lovely.

Anyway, today's outfit is a simple one, I like to add a belt with my outfits just to add a certain "je ne sais quoi" and this little belt bought years ago from HM is the perfect thing!

The shoes are from New Look, £20, they are sooo comfy and really sleek&stylish. New look's range of shoes is huge and diversified. Also, their shoes aren't "expensive" for good quality, high street shoes!
The skirt I got in the sale in France from "Camaïeu" - for 5€ it was a definite bargain! On the skirt there are little cherries, hence the title of this blog post.
Finally, the shirt is from HM, it goes with everything and is a very nice fit. Shame about the length though, or am I just weird??
Not much else to say, apart from that I'm qtill ashamed about WDWL :( Sorry! Oh and it's raining today... wooo! (If you hadn't just noticed with the huge clues, I hate the rain)

Anyway, ta ta for now Lovely readers!
Happy Blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xxxx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

#6 Wednesday's dream wish list

Hello everyone,

I can't believe that I actually missed a Wednesday's dream wish list!! *very very very ashamed face*. So much going on at the moment! It is just unbelievable! My horse has just arrived I'm soooo happy :D I will bore with you some pictures soon ;)

Anyway, quick catch up on some indispensible items for this week (It is still LFW  so ya know, important!) #clothesobssession

Number one:
These jeggings from River Island are a-ma-zing! They are more like skinny jeans than anything else but hey if they're called jeggings then that's what they are! ;) They have loads of other colours on the website... My favourites are these ones...

White zebra molly jeggings River Island £35

Number 2:

...and these ones (these a bit more actually :P)

Graffiti jeggings river island £35

Number 3: Galaxy/space print dye dress. I tried this dress on and 1st) it looks alot better in real life and on someone ;) 2ndly) It is a bit too long for me :P It would be really good for work :)
Galaxy/space dye dress River Island £22

Number 4: ALL OF THE RIVER ISLAND SKIRTS haha I absolutely love RI at the moment, it really is my favourite shop, and their new collection is <3able...

Just an example this one is : Black chiffon drape skirt £35 RI

Number 5: Baroque, everywhere? yes! Oriental? Not so much... But is there a real difference? I am going to write a post on it soon (hopefully) but here is a little taster from

Darcey Printed Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress - lovely :)

So there you go :) I hope you have enjoyed this post. What do you think about these clothes? 

Happy blogging and stay tuned
Ellen xx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sally your shoes are cool!

Hello everyone, I hope you're all ok :)

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, so busy with school and just life in general!

Today's post is a "back to school" outfit. It's the perfect, typical outfit for those chilly days, when you can't be bothered to wear a skirt, but you don't want to be boring (or for people who don't wear skirts - how do you do that??).

blue jeans- 40€ ZARA

Polka dot zara top - 15€ ZARA

Pink faux litas - 12.95 ebay<3
I don't like Zara in England. Why? I don't know. I just don't! The shops don't seem appealing to me, the clothes on display aren't the best Zara has to offer... On the other hand, Zara in France is like heaven, the one I often shopped in was big, lit in just the right way, the rails were tidy, the clothes were amazing! Okay, the people were a bit snooty, but the Zara in question did seem so posh... Anyway, enough about Zara. Talk about a monologue!

I got LOADS of compliments for these boots, they are beautiful and I love them. They are comfy aswell (especially for boots with a high heel like these). My little cousin also loves them, I wasn't allowed to take them off while with him and even had to run around with them on (yes, that was fun! If you know the real meaning, yes? Well then no it wasn't ;)).

Anyway enough babbling... What do you think of these boots? And what do you wear when you can't be bothered to wear a skirt because it's too cold and well... you can't be bothered? ;)

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

#5 Wednesday's dream wish list

Today we are wednesday so... It's wish list time :)

This week's theme is Shoes! Everyone loves shoes, any colour, any heel size (the higher, the better! :)).
So... It's time for the shoes of the week:

Orange caged wedges from River Island - £50

As you all know, I have been looking for a decent pair of hidden heel hi tops for ageesssssss! Well, I have found some, a lot :) on River Island and they're lovely!

Light blue (also available in pink) court shoes from River Island - £70 but they are really nice...

The picture for these shoes just doesn't do them justice at.all! They are so delicate and look like designer in real life, but here's the picture anyway:

Black print chain sandals from River Island £50

These last shoes, from River Island, again (I am sooo in love with this shop *-*) I tried them on and they were comfortable (for 5minutes...) and... Wild!!
Grey print peep toe strappy wedges £50

This week's wish list :) what do you think? Are any of these shoes on your wish list? Or do you already own them?

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nail foil review

Hiya :)
I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine :) even though an autumnal hue has appeared... And it's a bit chillier...

So, back in May, I bought some nail foils from Primark, they were £1 for a pack of 20 and after only finding ones ranging from £6 to £10 (and not fitting my weird sized thumbs) I was delighted to find these ones and in a whole range of different colours/patterns.

 - Big range of different patterns and colours
- 20 different sized foils (enough for mistakes, or if you're a genius and haven't got weird shaped nails then enough to do hands and toes!)
- Easy to put on and easy instructions

- Don't last that long... The "Ooh la la" range, having a metallic hint and not having extra protection lasted around 3days. But the new range intitled "Nail wraps" (Yep, plain&simple) last alot longer, I have had mine on for just over a week and they're fine :)
- A bit complicated to take off... On the instructions it states that "to remove rub to warm ans slowly peel from side to side". Well that didn't work for me, I had to "scratch" them off with my nails and that was messy!

All in all, these nail foils are really good value for money! And yet again, a huge thank you to Primark for being Cheap&Cheerful!

*BIG DISCLAIMER: I was in no way asked to do this or payed to do it. I just decided to write a review on these because they're brilliant!

There you go :) Do let me know if any of you try these out!

Happy blogging and stay tuned
Ellen xx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Black with white stripes or White with black stripes??

Hello everyone :) I hope you're all okay.
Sorry there haven't been many posts lately, I have just started school again so alot of rushing around etc :)

Today's post is intitled "Black with white stripes or White with black stripes?". Do colours really matter? No, wear whatever you want to wear, whenever you want to wear it, with whatever you want to wear it with. My little piece of advice of the day, there you go :)

dress- hm / faux litas- ebay / tights- primark / earplug necklace- DIY / belt- primark

I really do love this dress, the colour goes with everything and plus the cut is very flattering! These faux litas really are gorge' I absolutely love them, I would wear them with everything if I could. They really are a treat and I got them for £12.95: Bargain with a capital B.
Do you have any items of clothing that you pair everything with? Some shoes that you absolutely love?

 Don't forget to hype this look here on lookbook :) and to follow me on twitter etc...

Happy blogging and stay tuned
Ellen xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

#4 Wednesday's dream wish list

Hello :) Back to school today ahhh.

Today's dream wish list dominated by River Island & Miss selfridge haha. (with a hint of Next)


Black leather biker jacket from River Island £190 Okay, alittle, a lot, out of my price range but... isn't it cool??

Prom dress- River Island  -£70 what a perfect little prom dress? Just a perfect little dress, it is sooooo sooooo soooooo cute<333

Grey slouch bag from River Island -£40 I have seriously got an obsession with handbags, no, sorry BAGS, any bags, any size, most colours... Oh dear.

Horse tunic from Next £24. Yes, I am horse obsessed, so?? No, it doesn't mean I have to wear "horsey printed" clothes, but it doesn't mean that non horsey people can't wear this either, so there!

Lilac split side maxi skirt from Miss selfridge reduced from £37 to £22- want to be a girly goo in a lilac maxi skirt: get it!!

Nude studded boots from Miss selfridge - £65 these are BEAUTIFUL and I mean beautiful, to touch and to see. If anyone wants to donbate these.? ;)

Miso tulle spot skirt from republic- £25 Mad, and that's why I love it!

Sorry about the weird hotchpotch of a wish list today- is that like it is inside my head at the moment? A teeny bit worrying... Anyway I hope you like it, what is your favourite item? and why? :)

Happy blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xx