Wednesday, 12 September 2012

#5 Wednesday's dream wish list

Today we are wednesday so... It's wish list time :)

This week's theme is Shoes! Everyone loves shoes, any colour, any heel size (the higher, the better! :)).
So... It's time for the shoes of the week:

Orange caged wedges from River Island - £50

As you all know, I have been looking for a decent pair of hidden heel hi tops for ageesssssss! Well, I have found some, a lot :) on River Island and they're lovely!

Light blue (also available in pink) court shoes from River Island - £70 but they are really nice...

The picture for these shoes just doesn't do them justice at.all! They are so delicate and look like designer in real life, but here's the picture anyway:

Black print chain sandals from River Island £50

These last shoes, from River Island, again (I am sooo in love with this shop *-*) I tried them on and they were comfortable (for 5minutes...) and... Wild!!
Grey print peep toe strappy wedges £50

This week's wish list :) what do you think? Are any of these shoes on your wish list? Or do you already own them?

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xx

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