Wednesday, 26 September 2012

#7 Wednesday's dream wish list

7 already?? Wow!
Haha it seems like I have only been doing it for 2weeks!

Not much to say at this exact moment in time: Apart from, here is the list:

First of all, this Tiger Tote bag from Zara. After the rage of the tan coloured one, they have come out with this new patter and... isn't it lovely? Bold, brassy print (tiger isn't used that often in fashion really, leopard? yes zebra? yes tiger? no. This is the time for a Revolution, a fashion one, bring on the tiger print!) Sorry for the blabbering...
Tote bag from Zara

Parkas, anyone, everyone, whenever. The coat to have (along with a denim jacket, a leather one, a duffle coat and a trench, wow rather alot...)
This one is from River Island. It's faux fur lined. It's warm. It's big. It's perfect.
Here is the link if you're feeling drawn to it: Parka from River Island

3) Also available in black... I hear the logical part of you saying "but what about if it rains?" Well tough! You'll get wet feet... Deep red cross strap wedges from New Look

4) Such a cute print! Also available in a dress and a skirt, love'em love'em love'em!!
 Skinny jeans- Motel Rocks
Mini dress- Motel Rocks
 Mini skirt - Motel Rocks

5) You're supposed to find a dress for the event but in this case, it makes you want to buy the dress and then wonder where you'll wear it? Maybe even just dress up in it!
Lipsy sequin bust maxi dress

There we go :) This week's WDWL! Next week, I have decided will be completely dedicated to evening and party dresses aaaaah!

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxxx

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