Thursday, 27 September 2012

Black to normal

Hey :)
I have this weird feeling that I am mainly getting pink things at the moment?? Now that is bizarre, I don't really like pink, lime is my favourite colour but maybe this is a changing point.


 Last photo: just for the hell of it!

The quality of the photos is pretty bad, it was getting dark :/ I had left it to late, yet again, to take pictures but today I was determined not to let that get to me ;)

Shoes (the same ones as the other day (New Look, £20))
Skinny trousers - Zara FR (sorry have forgotten the price)
Coral shirt - Forever21 (price??? boo this is bad..! But i think £10)
Jonathan Aston black pop socks with coral lace band - River Island £4.90

Do you like wearing socks that show? Do you have a favourite colour (clothes wise or not)?

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxx


  1. Your blog is awesome! I'm your new follower.
    By the way my sister and me have a new blog. We would like to if you can visit it and if you will be like it so become a new follower. Thanks :)

    1. Thank you :)
      It's a nice blog :) I looove your hair, it's amazing! Of course :)xx