Sunday, 23 September 2012


Hey everyone :) Hope you're all enjoying the "not so good" weather... Lovely.

Anyway, today's outfit is a simple one, I like to add a belt with my outfits just to add a certain "je ne sais quoi" and this little belt bought years ago from HM is the perfect thing!

The shoes are from New Look, £20, they are sooo comfy and really sleek&stylish. New look's range of shoes is huge and diversified. Also, their shoes aren't "expensive" for good quality, high street shoes!
The skirt I got in the sale in France from "Camaïeu" - for 5€ it was a definite bargain! On the skirt there are little cherries, hence the title of this blog post.
Finally, the shirt is from HM, it goes with everything and is a very nice fit. Shame about the length though, or am I just weird??
Not much else to say, apart from that I'm qtill ashamed about WDWL :( Sorry! Oh and it's raining today... wooo! (If you hadn't just noticed with the huge clues, I hate the rain)

Anyway, ta ta for now Lovely readers!
Happy Blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xxxx

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