Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nail foil review

Hiya :)
I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine :) even though an autumnal hue has appeared... And it's a bit chillier...

So, back in May, I bought some nail foils from Primark, they were £1 for a pack of 20 and after only finding ones ranging from £6 to £10 (and not fitting my weird sized thumbs) I was delighted to find these ones and in a whole range of different colours/patterns.

 - Big range of different patterns and colours
- 20 different sized foils (enough for mistakes, or if you're a genius and haven't got weird shaped nails then enough to do hands and toes!)
- Easy to put on and easy instructions

- Don't last that long... The "Ooh la la" range, having a metallic hint and not having extra protection lasted around 3days. But the new range intitled "Nail wraps" (Yep, plain&simple) last alot longer, I have had mine on for just over a week and they're fine :)
- A bit complicated to take off... On the instructions it states that "to remove rub to warm ans slowly peel from side to side". Well that didn't work for me, I had to "scratch" them off with my nails and that was messy!

All in all, these nail foils are really good value for money! And yet again, a huge thank you to Primark for being Cheap&Cheerful!

*BIG DISCLAIMER: I was in no way asked to do this or payed to do it. I just decided to write a review on these because they're brilliant!

There you go :) Do let me know if any of you try these out!

Happy blogging and stay tuned
Ellen xx

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