Monday, 1 October 2012

#2 Nail frenzy/ What have you been up to missy?

Hey everyone :)
I hope you're all okay and that you have been picking into the "Autumn/Winter" part of your wardrobe ;)

Sorry for the lack of posts, I don't really want to take pictures in the rain and when it's not raining, i'm working! (so annoying by the way!) Anyway, i'm preparing a project at the moment (it's a suprise...) which hopefully will be ready by the beginning of next week so then i'll be able to share it with you guys ;)

I just wanted to show you that i'm not dead, i am still here and will be doing a proper post shortly...
Here's a quick Nail "tutorial"/what nail polish is good? I have always wanted to have glittery nail polish, a NICE glittery nail polish... Well Rimmel have done it!

Happy blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xx

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