Tuesday, 23 October 2012

#4 Nail frenzy- Happy halloween!

Hiya :)

Yes, it's another nail tutorial, but I just had to get this up before Halloween. So the usual disasters happened, my first (beautiful) attempts got knocked about and/or squished (who peels potatoes with wet nail polish anyway? oh yeah, that would be me...), and then on the photos that show cute little "things", I have nail polish everywhere :( So you will have to excuse all these lame problems I had and admire my cute little... Pumpkins and ghosts :D

You will need:
- Black or deep purple nail polish
- Orange nail polish
- White nail polish
- A couple of cocktail sticks
- Patience (I don't possess this personally)
- Nail polish remover...

I apologise for the awful photo quality & for the slobber (which was removed by the way!!)

New post coming soon :)& no Wednesday's dream wish list tomorrow as I have no time :P

Happy blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xxx

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