Wednesday, 3 October 2012

#8 Wednesday's dream wish list

Hiya :)
I hope you're all okay... Tomorrow i'm going to Stratford to see a Shakespeare play and I am pretty excited, I think it's going to be really interesting and I wish I had this beautiful dress I could turn up in, swish swoosh... Anyway, this week I have picked out a handful of party/going out dresses that will get heads'a'turning ladies ;) (Or just plain old "how to get broke chez Lipsy...)
So here we go...

Beaded Dip Hem dress from Lipsy £65 (Wow, i would want to be a model (for Lipsy) just to be able to try on all these lovely dresses :') Ooooohhhh

V I P Ruched bust jewelled dress £120 Lipsy

Ok, I have a soft spot for feathers... and this, well this is beautiful<33 V I P Waxed Lace Feathered dress £110 Lipsy

Yes, I know I put this one last week, but I can't express my love for this dress enough, it is beautiful, utterly beautiful!.I love it!!
Sequin bust maxi dress £75 Lipsy

<3<3<3 Silhouette lace bodycon dress Lipsy

Happy blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xxxx

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