Friday, 19 October 2012

Bambi babe

Hey everyone :)
I just want to show you my new jumper from HandM, it is absolutely gorgeous and I love to wear it, it goes with anything (literally) and it's soo warm!

I teamed it with my new Hidden Heel high tops... I had been looking for a pair of these for ages as you already knew and when I finally found these (in Primark!) for £20 !! (Can you believe it?) I was over the moon, they look really expensive, are very comfortable and are well made. They are a nice colour and I would happily wear them day in day out. The leggings are HandM also, just from the basic collection.

Sorry about the rubbish photo quality, hopefully i will be getting a new camera at christmas (woop woop!).

Today I have painted my nails in a special little way and if I have time I will write that tutorial tomorrow. I'll give you a clue: it's 1 up! Hehehe

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxx

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