Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fashion blogger competition with giftsvouchers uk!

Hello everyone :)
Hope you're all okay, I'm sorry about the lack of posts, I keep meanong too but I have so much work and well you know how it goes! Bring on half term is all I can say ;)

Today's post is a sort of "replacement" for Wednesday's dream wish list because it does involve making a list but this time a gift list...

Fantastic Fashion Gifts for £35 or less by is a blogger competition. I received an e-mail inviting me to take part in it and so... I have!

To enter yourself, or to read more about it click here: How to enter :)

Here goes:

1) Everybody needs a pair of quirky , cool and edgy leggings in their life... Well, look no further than Lovely Sally. After admiring all their lush leggings I finally opted for a pair that are edgy without being too edgy and this pair is called Shouting Smoke £32.51
2) Hello Gorgeous gift box from Lush £20.95
Personnally, I love sweets, not only are they yummy but they're pretty too. I have found a non-fat alternative: Hello Gorgeous gift box is all that minus the extra pounds on you're body. (Oh and don't eat the contents even if they do look and smell good (really good!)).
This is THE perfect gift.

3) Lipsy Zebra iPhone case... £12.00
Who loves Lipsy? Of course you do. Their dresses are stunning, beautiful, dreamy ahhh<3 but to fulfill your Lipsy adoration without spending loads of money on a dress you probably don't need (because let's face it, you have already bought 5 other Lipsy dresses), you can now buy a phone case...
They have a couple of different styles, and they do them for iPhones and Blackberrys, they are beautiful (and this is the one I want by the way)

4) Lipsy Rabbit Ear Muffs £12.00
These are so sweet, and if you get that well known feeling in the middle of winter, when it's just too cold to wear anything other than that warmest warm jumper you own then you can sprice it all up with these cuties!
5)  Rock'n'rose Roxana headchain £22.00
Doesn't it look beautiful?? For those days when you can't get your hair to do anything or you just can't be bothered to try. Well here is the ultimate answer from Rock'n'rose

6) Taupe studded high heels Party shoes... Everyone needs a special pair of shoes that adds a little excitement to an outfit or that just goes with any outfit... Here are the shoes, the beautiful shoes that would go with anything (mostly)
[...] New Look's website won't let me get a big enough picture so you will just have to click on the link to find out what they look like ;)

What do you think of this list? Would you be happy with these gifts? :)

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxxx

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