Saturday, 27 October 2012

Shake your Boot-ie; Competition by Barratt's and "Hello, Terri Lowe"

Hello everyone :)

I hope you're not all fed up with all these competition posts, there aren't that many really, it's just that they have been all recently... Anyways :) I was sent an e-mail by Kieron from Barratt's inviting me to participate in this lovely competition to win £70 worth of shoes and all you need to do is pick your favourite shoes from their website.

To find out more about this competition click here:

Now, I don't like "boring" shoes, I like the extreme shoes, the really high ones, or the really bright ones... On this particular web-site, I have found some really high ones...

/!\ Beware /!\ There are a lot of studs ;)

  • The studded Litas on the far left of the picture are Truffle Stud Trim Lace up Ankle boots. I already own  a pair of Litas from Truffle (that are bright pink) and they are really comfy :), I wear them as much as possible and really want a black pair (preferably studded) to wear with anything and everything ;) Isn't black great??

  • The shoes on the top right of the picture are Truffle Stud Trim Wedge Ankle Boots, they are priced at £36. No, they're not expensive and yes, look at them, they ARE amazing. (They would go perfectly well with the Black Evening Dress I got from River Island (that I need to show you by the way!)).

  • The high heels on the bottom left of the picture are (the cheapest ever??) Zebra Print Concealed Platform Court Shoes by Sherbert for £18 !! Yes, £18 (aren't they cute??). These shoes have 2 reviews and both are positive giving 5stars each! Have I managed to sell them to you yet?

  • And last, but not least, the wedges on the bottom right of the picture are Woven detail platform wedge sandals by Truffle. They are priced at £31.50. I find the colour amazing (although they also have them in black and pink) 
There :) I hope you enjoyed this post, and please tell me if you take part in this competition, I would love to see what you picked! Do you think I made some good choices?

Happy blogging and stay tuned :)
Ellen xxx

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