Friday, 31 August 2012

#1 Nail frenzy: how a cat became a butterfly...

Hi :)
So, I created this blog as a fashion blog, but I have to admit that although I am not too keen on most beauty products (just lazy? YES!!) (apart from eyeliner&mascara), I am addicted to nail polish! I love the stuff and I love to come up with crazy new designs... And hey if you have a special something in mind but that it ends up as something completely different, who cares??
So this is the story of how a cat became a butterfly.

What you will need:
- different colours of nail polish (my fav brands being Lancôme, O.P.I, Mavala and Rimmel (for the cheapy side). For a cat I chose an aqua blue background and a white face but it ended up being a white butterfly...(?)
- little round stickers (can be picked up anywhere for less than a £) or just a cotton bud
- nail polish remover (hahahaha)

I used this white

My butterfly :)

A blob for the cat

I added moustaches afterwards to make it look more "cat-like"
So there you have it :) my butterfly & my cat- what do you think? Do you like customising your nails? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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Happy blogging and stay tuned ;)
Ellen xx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

#3 Wednesday's dream wish list

Helloooooooo :) Hope you're all okay!

Here is this week's wish list: yum, yum are you ready?? <3

Crafted zip mullet dipped hem skirt from Republic £28

Blue high waisted disco pants from Prettlittlething 19€

Bordeaux shiny disco pants from £15 love this colour but not in my size :( there are other lovely ones though- have any of you got these? Are they nice?

Sequin peplum top from for 32.99£ perfect with those disco pants - perfect night out outfit<3

Dark pink peplum dress by pull&bear 22£99 it's luverlyyy

Be happy t-shirt from Zara - just a basic t-shirt to go with all those wild leggings I need haha ;)

So there we go, my 3rd wednesday's dream wish list, hope you like it :)
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Happy blogging, and stay tuned :)
Ellen xx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Je parle aussi français...

Coucou à tous les français ou francophones qui lisent mon blog ou qui y jettent un petit coup d’œil de temps à autres... J'espère que vous allez bien,

Je fais un article spécialement pour vous étant donné qu'en ce moment je n'ai pas toujours le temps pour traduire tous mes articles, je suis vraiment désolée et j'essaierais d'y remédier très bientôt je l'espère.
Sur ce, continuez à venir le voir et j'espère que mon blog vous plaît... Un petit commentaire serait biensûr le bienvenu...
Allez bisous et à bientôt ;)

Ellen xx

Do Winter, Spring, Summer but do not Fall

Hello everyone :)
Excuse the lack of posts- moving is very time consuming as will be the first week or so in a new place, plus back at school in just over a week...

The title is from a Jumper by Bensimon I saw the other week in Grazia, I absolutely love it - so cool, eh? (Just looked for it on Google and it's nowhere to be seen oh well).

Today's look is "to do" with the "do not fall" because of my shoes... 14cm heel including platform they are beautiful and considering they're Primark and that they're high are very comfortable...

scarf - claire's cat- woods ;)

belt/bow- primark

Dress- h&m

heels present :) primark
There we go :) Hope you all like it,
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Happy blogging and stay tuned :)xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

"Je suis une Parisienne"

Hello everyone,

So, as you all know I went to Disneyland on Monday and then went to visit Paris on Tuesday... On the monday I wore a white H&M shirt tucked into blue primark shorts with a belt and a little pair of sandals :) :
with "Jack Sparrow"
with Tigger ears :D
And now for the Disneyland, the prices, once inside, are unbelievable! By unbelievable, I mean that a balloon costs 7€50 (how long before it popped??), an ice-cream costs 4€ as does a pencil... And the headband that I am wearing in this picture 13€ (And no, I didn't buy it.). So there you go, you pay loads of money to get in, and you pay some more money once you're in there because, let's face it, who doesn't go somewhere without buying a souvenir??

Yes, believe it or not I did this and... it wasn't as scary as I thought! ;)

Day 2 in Paris- What is all the fuss about over the Eiffel tower?? It's just a load of metal in a pointy shape...  The best thing about Paris? The wonderful shops&restaurants, unfortunately I didn't get to visit any a)money & b)time we were racing around in a car...
Anyway here's my outfit: Miso dress from Republic, a little pair of sandals and an Oasis bag borrowed from my mum:
So there we go, Paris with my boyfriend and his family :)
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Ellen xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#2 Wednesday's dream wish list

Hiii :) I hope you're all ok :)
I have just got back from Paris (post on it coming soon :)).

So, this is the second wish list <3 I hope you like it ;)

Crafted grunge jumper- burgundy from I have the cropped version of this in black and it's my favouritejumper -ever! So come on little one and you might just become the new fave!!
 Okay, and this one: Crafted graduated dye jumper from Republic <333
Miso ginger cat hat
from Republic. No-one is allowed to get this, it's mine, MINE *hint hint mum while reading this ;)<3x*

Club l metallic jeans from Republic - they are cool.

Black PU studded shoes are to die for !! from <33333

So there you have it, my second wednesday wish list :)

Happy blogging, and stay tuned,
Ellen xxx

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It's a legging thing'

Hey hey :)
Another scheduled post, I'm just sooo busy, August is drawing slowly but surely to an end and tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend hehe, I hope I get to meet Tigger (I'm just a major fan!!)

Today I just want to express my love for leggings! Have you seen all the beautiful prints going around at the moment? I have got to get some!! GOT TO!!
[Am also looking for a decent pair of hidden heel high tops, have any of you cuties got a good pair at home? Where did you get them from?]

 From left to right: £10 from ;
£10 from;
£12 from;
£9 from;
£10 from

Voilà :) my pick of 6 leggings.
What would you pair these wild leggings with? Which ones are your favourites?

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Happy blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

Starry starry night

Hello everyone, I hope you're all enjoying august!

At this very moment in time I am camping at the sea side with my boyfriend :) Ooh I love holidays :)! I have scheduled this post to keep you all occupied :)
The night I took these photos was the Olympic closing ceremony (wasn't it beautiful??) and the best night to see shooting stars... Well boy did I see them, on my t-shirt and in the sky ;)
Jeans- place du jour 39€

T-shirt- pimkie 5€

Handbag- Jane norman gift

Boots- ??

Necklace- next (years ago!)
When I first bought this t-shirt in the sale, I thought I had made a big mistake, but in actual fact I love it, the shape is so flattering and the back has little buttons all the way down simple yet sophisticated!These jeans purchased in a little boutique on the île de Ré are sooo comfy and the colour is just amazing neon yellow jeans anyone? YES!!!!!
I love this little bag, it was a christmas gift and being black goes with everything!

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Happy blogging and stay tuned,
Ellen xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

#1 Wednesday's dream wish list...

Hi everyone :)
I have decided to do a weekly "wish list", on a wednesday as the title says ;) On the list will figure 5 to 10 various items of  clothing (+ shoes/accessories of course!!) that I have seen, and love! Obviously, my mum can in no way afford to buy me 5 to 10 items of clothing per week (hence the "dream").
So here we go, my first wednesday's dream wish list...
"Last minute summer purchases..."

Jameela galaxy dress from £14.99 and wow am I sooo in love with this dress <3 as soon as it's back in stock I think i'll be heading that way with my money ;)

Cross print denim shorts from for £24.99. I have been seeing this print on pretty much everything, but I far prefer it on shorts!

Tribal skirt from on sale :) really cute little skirt

Pink tribal dress from, I can picture this dress in THE perfect outfit!

Aqua stilettos from grab them while they're on sale!

So there you have it, my first wednesday wish list :)
What do you think?

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Happy blogging, and stay tuned
Ellen xx