Monday, 17 June 2013

Back from the dead †

Hey guys,

Exams are finally over, and peace has been restored (unfortunately not for long). Tumultuous events constantly taking place stopped me from blogging but I am back, and have lots of time to make up for. A blog isn't supposed to be a chore, which is why I stopped for a while- I didn't have spare time to spend on it and using up time meant for other things (riding, revising, socialising) would have had worse consequences...
Summer is the ideal time for blogging (Is it really Summer? On most days I wonder whether the Sun itself has gone on holiday haha) and so my blog is back, with a fresh face too!

Crochet crop top - Missguided
Midi skirt- New Look
Vans- Schuh
Scarf- Timothy's

Lovee xoxox

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  1. You look really pretty!