Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Learning to *Look*

Hey everyone,

Whilst reading your favorite blogs on the 'blogosphere' (or any that you happen to pass by), you will notice the amount of people that 'thrift' and grab 'bargains' and you may ask yourself how they do it?
I have asked myself this question alot, and wondered how I could save money like everyone else seems to and I realised that I already do- because if you have the 'eye' you will find some good ol' bargains out there... My favourite bargain shops are as follows:

  • eBay 
'Buy my clothes from eBay?' I hear you ask- yes, yes, yes! 
When looking for bargains (clothes, bags, shoes, you name it!) eBay is the first place to shop. Especially if you love the expensive brands- real Jeffrey Campbells as low as £50, Moschino belts from £30, Wildfox t-shirts from £20... If you have the time to peruse, you will find these little 'one-offs' that someone got as a gift and don't like (so yep tags and everything) or that wasn't the right size but re-selling was a better option than getting a refund/exchange. I recently purchased a Topshop black velvet skater dress, barely worn, for a tenner & we all know that that dress didn't originally cost £10...
So yep, eBay is the place to go if you want something that's just out of your price range in the store itself, isn't in your size in that store anymore, discontinued stock or just something simple!
PS: They have a massive sale on atm
+ brands
+ accessories
+ shoes
- unheardof 'brands'- look them up before purchasing, no-one wants to be disappointed
- be careful when you purchase from China/ Hong-Kong, it can take around 4weeks to arrive

Missguided seems to be a store with a constant debate floating around it- some people are happy and some are not but you just can't please some people and I for one love missguided. Okay, so some of the items aren't my 'sort of thing' but that isn't a reason to hate or to not shop there, there are lots of clothes I <3 and the price tags. Missguided definitely stock fashion pieces, so if it's in, it's on their website, and might not last years but that's not really what you're looking for out of this sort of shop.
I recently purchased some trousers from them (post to come soon) and they are gorgeous quality and only cost me £19.99! And if you spot some things (normally dresses and shoes) that are out of your price tag then wait for the sale, but get there quick before everything goes! They also often host competitions and do 'one day only' free delivery etc- follow them on social networks!
PS: Super saver delivery only costs £1.95 and you'll receive the items relatively quickly considering the price you paid :-) & their sale is on atm 
+ crop tops
+ trousers
+ sale
+ constant new stock
+ cheap delivery
- basics can seem cheap, but still double check elsewhere

  • Primark
Yes, Primark. People often ask me where my clothes are from and if I say Primark some seem to think it's wrong... Why? It's CHEAP and so what if it doesn't last long? So what if I have to buy new work shoes from there every 6 months, it's worth it for a couple of quid! I buy many of my basics from there such as vest tops, their 'stretchy basic' collection, accessories and sandals (don't forget the cotton pads- they are sooo cheap and good value for money)
+ basics
+ shoes (you get what you pay for and more if you're lucky)
+ accessories - bags, belts and earrings!
+ smelly candles from the home section
- trying on is a necessity
- you need to have an eye out

  • New Look
Now, New Look isn't one of my favourite shops, simply because as most things have pretty price tags on- everyone buys from there... And I don't like that aspect of it, I don't want to look like everyone else. 
I do love the fact that New Look stock other smaller brands such as 'Parisian', 'Tokyo Doll' and 'Cameo Rose' which are good quality too. My preferred aspect of New Look is the shoe section- it is like a lovely cheap shoe heaven ! I adore high heels and most of the ones I own/ have owned have come from New Look, and if you spot some that are still a bit pricey- wait for the sale and you'll get them even cheaper YEY!
+ up to date fashion
+ shoe section
+ online extras that people forget
- regular store for most people
- can seem repetitive

Good bargain website- if you have the time to look through all their stock! There are so many clothes I feel like I can't possibly look at it all and this may seem petty but the website annoys me... Yet, they have nice clothes, that are good value for money which is always a plus! Also, the prices are already really good but just check out their sale! They often host competitions and one day only promotions if you follow them on twitter.
+ promotion codes
+ sale prices
+ competitions
- website
  • Blog sales/ blogger promotion codes & Fashion Vouchers
Don't forget to check out blogger codes and their sales. Some bloggers even have their own 'shops' now so if you have seen something of theirs that you love you may be able to get it for yourself! I think this is a great thing to do personally and can't wait to take it on myself (although I do find it very hard to part with my clothes haha). 
Promotion codes are a great way of getting discounts too- I am notably thinking of Motel Rocks- use 'ellenjadee' at the checkout to get 10% off your next purchase ;-)
Fashion Vouchers is another great way of saving money by keeping up to date with up&coming sales or just simply by using their promotion codes for a wide variety of online shops! Check out their website if you haven't heard of them-

I hope this post has inspired you to *look* for bargains, or just confirmed your suspicions that you are doing everything you can to save money silly ;-)

Laters xoxo

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