Monday, 2 September 2013

August Shopping Haul

Hey everyone,

As I am currently preparing a few (okay, quite alot) of posts, I decided to get the ball rolling with a post on my August haul. Quite alot of bloggers do it, sometimes it's more interesting than others but I find it an easier way of finding out where something was purchased from, and how much it cost, silly details like that! So here goes- my first 'haul'...

I got the Pixie Lott for Lipsy dress off eBay for a mere £9.00, I was really pleased as it is brand new and is beautiful! I can't wait to style it up in a multitude of different ways!
The Joni jeans are from Topshop, I got them in the sale for £15.00, they are completely sold out online except in my size! I was thrilled and they fit like a dream *lucky jig*
The three t-shirts are from Topshop, I attached a picture of the three tags so you can see the prices which are quite reasonable. I got them as they are plain-ish and will go with most things :-)
The little 'sandwich bag' is from Seasalt, a little shop that I popped into whilst I was on holiday in Devon! It cost £4.00 and I think it's really cute!
Finally, the Zara inspired shoes are from M&S for... £11.00 !!! Reduced from £25.00, they are exactly what I was looking for (yep you can find nice things ANYWHERE!)

There we go so I hope that was interesting enough and stay tuned for more posts soon!

Love Ellen xox

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